Bitsika Review: Top 10 Incredible Facts About Bitsika

Bitsika Review: Top 10 Incredible Facts About Bitsika

Bitsika is undoubtedly one of the best fin tech ups out there .
It is also one of the most innovative crypto currency platforms or fin tech platforms out there.
The app is also one of the most trending cryptocurrency apps in Ghana and it even has its own trending hashtag, #Johndumelobitsika.

The Review 


In this BitSika review article you will get to know more about how to get started with the bitsika app, its uses and functionalities as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the fintech app.

This is mostly because it was associated with a giveaway that was initiated by one of Ghana’s famous actors, John Dumelo.

His giveaway honestly made people aware of the app and also increased in the number of downloads the app had on both the google play store and the App Store.

Bitsika app download

This article will describe how the bitsika app works and if it is worth all of the buzz it has received.
People suggest it’s popularity was because it was associated with a famous actor who was giving away money for free during the lockdown period of the covid 19 pandemic in Ghana.

Others associate its popularity to be based on the fact that the app offers exactly what it says.

What are some of the features of the app?
Generally the BitSika app is a crypto currency platform or app that promises to offer one of the most convenient ways for people to send money, receive money and spend money online through the provision of virtual Visa cards.

The idea of a virtual Visa card is what really caught my attention the first time I heard of the app.
My honest reaction? I felt that is an innovative idea and the app deserved a thumbs up for that.

This is mostly because in Ghana when you make mention of online payments the most popular answer would be “momo”.
“Momo” stands for mobile money and and it mostly requires a person to send money to another person momo account mostly by having their phone number.

There have been several instances of people send money to wrong numbers and people being scammed to return money that was accidentally sent to them.
But that is a different story for another day.

As stated early most people think of momo when you make mention of online payments but Momo has got its limitations such as not being able to make online payments and the idea of BitSika offering virtual cards for their users is honestly mind blowing.

The app allows its users to top up their account with their mobile money balance. Debit card p, bank transfer, Bitcoin, as well as binnacle chain.


How Does Bitsika Work – Getting Started


Users can download the bitsika app, install and follow the prompts.
Users will be required to sign up using a google account.
This makes it easy since there would be no need to choose any complex password.

After that, users can choose their preferred user name.

Afterwards, users will be required to however choose a 4 digit pin code to ensure their bitsika app is secured and safe from other people.

This completes the registration process and users will be taken to the app’s homepage to being any form of transactions.

Is Bitsika Legit

Yes Bitsika is a legit fin tech app that enables its users to buy and sell bitcoins,  transfer money across the african continent and make online payments with an internally generated virtual visa card

Depositing money on Bitsika

Depositing money on bitsika can be done either through man momo or mobile money, bank card or debit card for Ghanaian residents.

For Nigerian residents, depositing money is only possible with a bank card or through bank transfer.

For residents of Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Mauritius and Senegal, depositing money can be done through mobile money or bank card just as the other two countries, Ghana and Nigeria.

The app offers its own exchange rates since any amount of money that is deposited into your bitsika wallet is automatically converted to USD.

I personally believe Bitsika makes their money through the currency exchange since they offer their own exchange rates.

It is quite easy to deposit money into your Bitsika Wallet if you carefully follow their options.

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Cashing out/ Paying out

If a user wants to pay out or cash out they can simply tap on the pay out button and follow all the prompts.

Again, there is a table of the available exchange rates that convert USD to the various currencies such as Cedis, Naira, Central African Francs, Bitcoin and Binacle Chain.

Again this is where Bitsika makes their money…. exchange rates.

For Ghanaian resident payouts can be received directly into their mobile money. For Nigerian residents, cash out can be received into their bank accounts.

How to send money to international users of Bitsika
Sending money to your friends, relatives or clients in international countries with Bitsika is as easy as sending a WhatsApp text.
You will only be required to submit the person’s username.

BitSika virtual cards 

The bitsika virtual card or a vitrual debit card to me is the juiciest part of the app.
As started earlier I was intrigued by the idea and I really felt it was the coolest feature about the app.

To be honest, there are quite a number of apps that offer a similar service to what Bitsika offers but not all of them include the virtual debit card generating feature.

To generate your virtual debit card you will only have to tap on the cards option, input your details and your virtual card will be ready to use.

The only catch here is that users must have a minimum of $5 balance for this to work.


I would highly recommend this app because of its easy to use user interface.

When I first heard of this app I honestly thought it was probably a new crypto currency or a crypto currency wallet. Mainly because of its name “bit” sika
But the app however has just a little relation with crypto currency just because sets can top up or cash out into a crypto currency wallet.


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