10 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Become A Website Tester

10 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Become A Website Tester

become a website tester Yes you read it right,  there are some genuine websites out there that would pay their uses a good and decent amount of money to become a website tester

 these websites that allow users to test other websites have clients who have or have been running a website For some time  develop Or have simply developed a new website or an app and would want genuine users to interact with their app or website and give their honest opinions about it and earn a decent pay at the end

This then provides the opportunity for people like us to be able to sign up onto this website and earn some money by giving our honest opinion about the websites we are asked to test.

All you would need to get started would be desktop/laptop/mac and/or a phone as well as internet connection 

Most of these websites would require their users to record their impression of the app or website they are testing. In this case, a user must speak very clearly as they record and they must ensure what they are saying is audible enough.

It would usually take you about 5 to 20 minutes to finish a test and a user can be assured a payment between $ 5 to $ 20

This can be done from anywhere in the world

This is a pretty cool way to earn money

Check out the list of websites that would pay you to test other websites or apps

Read more on moneyple.com

UserTesting – become a website tester

become a website testerThis is a get paid to test website- become a website tester

This is one of the best user testing websites out there. It is a legit website and its users can earn between $5 to $20 per test

This website accepts worldwide users 

How to start earning – become a website tester

To be able to start earning on this website a user must simply just sign up and take example test once you complete the sample test you’ll be notified to inform you if you qualify to proceed from there

 after you qualify you will be given or notified of new test that suit your persona

 to be honest,  there is no right or wrong answer when you are testing these websites you only have to give your honest opinion and start earning 

uses of this website can even earn more once they become active 

 each test can last between five to 20 minutes

 users are required to follow all instructions and that is assigned to them before they test their websites

 users are also required to have a good command of the English language to be able to share their feedback.  being able to speak clearly and properly in English can help your feedback to be heard clearly 

Users must ensure their feedback audio is very audible and of good quality 

when recording your feedback audio users must make sure this audio is free from all types of noise

Users must ensure they speak loud and clear enough as they record their feedback audio 

Payment is through Paypal. So ensure you have a paypal account before signing up 

The minimum withdrawal rate it $10

Payment is made 7 days after completing a test 

When a user signs up, they would be register or sign up with their name and email address just like any other site but a user would be required to pass a sample test before they can officially start to earn money on this website. The sample test is really easy to pass and to pass it a user must read and understand all instructions the sample test would require. become a website tester

Userlystics become a website tester

become a website tester become a website tester: Publishes of various website contact userlytics to find people to test their product: being either a website or an app. The publishers special the target persona the wish to test their app. A target person is required since some not all websites or apps are made for everyone. For example, some websites or apps may require people with experience in gaming to test their product. In this case people signed up on the userlytics platform who are experienced in gaming can be offered that job.  

This doesn’t mean the website is meant for only gamers; they have thousands of clients with different specification and persona targets that would fit yours

Users can also earn by testing prototypes advertisement videos as well as games and websites that are produced or published bye new companies or startups

Users would be asked to give their feedback and opinions of the concept, user accessibility, ease of use, colour, design, layout, as well as specific processes the website/game is offering

Users would be required to state whether they would recommend the product to someone they know

One test can take about 10 to 20 minutes to finish 

When signing up o userlytics, a user automatically goes through a screening process so know their capabilities. This allows users to test websites of app that are taylor made to fit their persona

Users are required to record their findings after testing a website either by recording with a phone or by with a webcam

They are a legit site and have clients such as google and microsoft

Their only require a usr to be at least 16 years old in order to start earning

Users can earn their through paypal and the minimum withdrawal limit of $1

Start earning now!!! become a website tester

Enroll – become a website tester

become a website testerenroll is another website that allows users to earn money online by testing other websites

 on Enroll,  publishers or owners of website contact them to recruit people to interact With the newly created websites  and give feedback on the user-friendliness and accessibility as well as quality of content in the website that  has been newly published

 enroll has been able to allow its users to test over 100000 websites this makes Andrew and legit website where you can earn money online through website testing

 how does it work/ become a website tester

 to be able to apply to be a tester on the website one  must simply just log on to  the enroll website and apply or sign up for free to be a tester to be a tester

 users can even try a demo sample test before they even sign up. this would allow users to get familiar with the type of jobs they’re going to be asked to do on the website

 to be able to provide your feedback on the website being tested uses only have to simply provide answers to some questions that have been preset by the publishers of the website

the publishers of the website already have some questions that they require users to provide feedback on

 unlike other website testing  websites, Enroll does not require its uses to make webcam or microphone recording of via analysis conclusions and realizations of the website being tested

  and roll provides a unique way of testing websites and this makes it very easy for every user to sign up and start getting money even if they do not own a webcam or a microphone.

 uses can start earning on and roll with either a phone, a tablet or a desktop computer

 each test on the enroll website would last from 5 to 10 minutes

 users of the website do not need any special computers or programming skills to be able to start  earning

 Users  of the website would be emailed regularly or even daily about upcoming test

 the minimum payment withdrawal is $1 and users can earn between $ 0.1 to $ 1.5 per test

 this is a very easy way to earn at least $1 in every 5  or 10 minutes minutes

 sign up now and start earning and become a website tester

Userzoom- become a website tester 

become a website tester with userzoom


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