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Websites and Apps that will pay you to take photos/Get paid to Take Photos

Earning money online by selling your photos is a very impressive way to earn money online. This mean is absolutely possible to Get paid to Take Photos. Learn how to in this article 

You can Get paid to Take Photos or sell one phone and earn real cash $$$

get paid to take photosThere are legit apps and websites out there that would pay their users for the photos they upload

The good thing about this is that you do not really need any special photography skills to be able to start earning. 

You also do not need any special or high-end camera to be able to start earning 

You can simply do this with your smartphone. 

Below are some Apps and websites that would enable you to Get paid to Take Photos

Get paid to Take Photos: Foap 

get paid to take photosThis website comes with its own app and it allows its users to upload their photo collection so they can sell it and earn money.

The photos that are uploaded on this app are sold to top-class and plans of the world who require some photos of pictures to their daily activities.

For instance a company might be making a documentary about swimming and may require a photo of someone swimming.

So in this scenario, the company would contact foap so they would be able to and have access to a variety of photos in which they can pick and purchase from if your photos on foap.

If your photo is selected in this scenario for instance you will be paid by foad.

You can easily download the app app on the Google play store or App Store and you can start uploading your creative photos and start earning money for me

If you are a photographer or you take excellent photos then this is an opportunity for you to start making money for your creativity.

You are not limited to the number of photos you have on this platform so you can post as many photos as you can so you can increase your chance of your photos been selected to be paid.

If your photo is sold to any buyer you get 50% of the commission that is and for your photos.

You can start earning money from your creative photography skills and the best thing about this is that you do not have to be professional photographer before you can still try it  out 

Get paid to Take Photos: Snapwire

get paid to take photosSnap wire is also another platform that allows people to get paid for photographs they upload on the platform.

On this platform individuals or photographers can sell the photos and get paid for it.

It is considered as one of the best platforms for sending photos and most freelancers like using snap wire because off be high money they are paid for photos that are sold.

Users of this platform can also upload multiple photographs based on different niches so they can make more things and make more money.

For instance you can upload photos about nature today and probably upload photos of cars the next day. This would increase the number of chances buyers of photographs may find your photo and pay for it.

One different thing about Snapple wire is that they organise photo contest or challenges and this is me for the users on the daily bases have the photos they upload.

Users can simply participate in this context or challenge by simply following the instructions that are provided by the platform.

Please instructions are usually very simple instructions that would involve you to take photos based on a particular topic or niche 

After taking the photo users of the platform allowed to submit the photo for a challenge or contest.

If your photo is selected after the contest you will be notified immediately and you would get the amount of money that was promised prior to the contest or challenge.

You can sign up with wire by website or by simply downloading via mobile application which can be found on the Google play store and the App Store by iOS.

Get paid to Take Photos: Dreamstime

This is also a platform that allows its users to upload the photos and earn some money after those photos are bought and paid for by other users who need those kind of photographs.

This platform is one of the leading platforms when it comes to making money from your photographs.

They have a wide range of customers and users so users who upload the app photos have a high chance of making sales from each photo they upload.

They have a very transparent system so users who upload your photos are able to know when the photo has been sold and how much the photo was sold for.

Users who sign up on this platform can easily upload photos from either your smart phones, tablets, computers.

They can also upload photos from social media platforms such as Facebook and also from storage drives such as dropbox and so many more.

It is free to sign up on this platform and you guys can sign up by either downloading the app on the Google play store or on the iOS App Store.

Get paid to Take Photos: Shutterstock contributor

get paid to take photosThis platform is one of the largest names when it comes to users earning money by selling their photos. They can be considered as one of the biggest stock photo companies in the world. They come in two parts: the shutterstock contributor and the shutterstock photos.

With the shutter stock contributor users can range from being a visual artist, a content creator or a photographer. This means this platform was made for creative people such as artists and other content creators as well as photographers.

Users can easily download the app and start uploading their content on this platform.

Do users can easily track yeah earners on this platform and will be able to tell which of your creative content that have been sold.

 Get paid to Take Photos: EyeEm

This platform is also one of the leading names when it comes to the stock photography industry.

This allows users to earn money from photos they upload on the platform just like how other companies work.

They have over 20 million photographs around the world signed up already and their service to earn money from the photos they take and upload.

Do you not feel left out of this opportunity if you are good at taking photos and being creative in general.

If you upload your photos on this platform your photos can have a chance to be sold on premium market photo places such as Getty images.

One cool feature about joining this app is that your photographs can easily be discovered by buyers since they hold exhibitions for brands who buy photos from stock photo companies.

Although they have a large number of photographers on board you will be assured of your photos being noticed and paid for for you to earn money from your hard work and your passion.

On this platform you can also connect with other like-minded photographers like you and you can get to exchange creative ideas and socialise.

You can download the app on the Google play store and on the App Store.

Get paid to Take Photos: Agora

get paid to take photosThis platform, Agora is also one of the leading platforms when it comes to selling of photos online. This platform also organises contests which winners of the contest is between $1000 to 25 hours weekly.

Photographers can participate by signing up onto this platform uploading the photos and taking part of their weekly photo contest so they can earn more money with your creative skills.

For the whole week to contest uses of the platform called for the best photos so so the winner of the contest is soon bye there photographers who are members

Like other stock photo sites, Agora also has a social networking feature which allows users to follow each other as well as follow industry experts they would love to learn from.

You can partake in this by simply downloading the app on the play store App Store and signing up

Get paid to Take Photos: 500px

This platform is also one of the best platforms when it comes to their stock photo industry where photographs are paid for photos they upload on the platform.

On this app you can form a network with other like-minded photographers where you can share your experience and skills and even learn from each other so you can develop your creative skills as a photographer.

Users are required to upload their best work so the photos can be noticed and paid for for them to pay and money.

This platform has over 15 million members signed up so you can be assured of communicating following and socialising with the world’s best photographers whom you can learn a thing or two about the photography industry.

Get paid to Take Photos: Sell Newsworthy videos, photos

This platform enables individuals to sell the photos and videos they take and earn money. 

Users can upload the photos and videos on the other social media platforms onto this platform and get paid for their content.

This platform is open to everybody including professionals, celebrities and complete beginners who do not really know anything about photography or videography.

Get paid to Take Photos:Premise

get paid to take photosThis is also another platform which enables its contributors and users to upload photos and earn money for the photos they upload. 

On this platform, users are tasked to take pictures and answer questions and earn some money.

This platform is a global platform and it has over 1 million members on board.

When a user signs up on the app they are asked to select your preferred online payment methods and fill out via accounts and personal information such as your name and email address.

After that users would be given some task to complete and upon completion of the tax they would earn money.

This is really cool way for users to earn money by taking photos and doing simple task as well

You can check them out on the Google play store and on the App Store as well.

Get paid to Take Photos: Pexels 

Pexels is one of the top stop for two sites where the photographers on this platform can upload photos and earn some money from the photos they upload.

Members of the site with their photos uploaded would have their photos showcased to global brands, this would be a good form of exposure for photographs.

On this platform users can also receive some donations from visitors to download or use the images.


Get paid to Take Photos: GuruShot 

get paid to take photosGuruShot is one of the stock photo sites that allows users to not only upload your photographs but also help users to improve on your photography skills as well. 

GuruShot also enables its users to party in weekly challenges and contests where users can win prizes that are over $600,000. Users who partake in this challenge can have an instant feedback on the photos they upload so they can improve upon their art, techniques and skills of photography.

Photographers who join this platform can gain exposure instantly and improve upon your skills as a photographer.

Photographers can also have their photos featured in world-class magazines websites as well as international art and photo exhibitions.

Get paid to Take Photos with Capptu

This is also another platform where you can upload your photos and get paid for photos that are sold on this platform.

Users can easily upload photos directly from their mobile phones and start making money immediately when the photo is sold.

Just like any other platform users are supposed to upload only original content. Users must not go copy or download someone else’s work and pass it on as their work so it’s sold.

This means all photos that are uploaded to any sites like this must be the users on work and not someone else’s work.

This platform also organises contests where users can partake in this context by uploading photos that are based on the context of the day. In such a scenario the best photo would be selected and the owner of the photo can make really good money from that.

This platform also allows you to socialise with other photographers by posting comments on photos that are uploaded by either photographers. This platform also allows users to follow other users just like at that social media platform so users can network with other like-minded photographers.

You can sign up on this platform by checking them out online or by downloading the app on the Google play store or the iOS App Store.

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