Top 10 Ways To Get Paid to Type Captcha

Top 10 Ways To Get Paid to Type Captcha

Get Paid to Type CaptchaYou can Get Paid to Type Captcha. This is a real and honest way of making good money online just by typing CAPTCHA and there are some genuine websites out there who are willing to pay people who sign up on their site to type Captcha. 

 As a  regular internet user, you may come across a capture every now and then or  some websites.  they would usually say you should feel or typing the capture to prove you’re not a bot or you are a real human.

Captcha or typing in most of the websites that you visit up there to prevent unwanted content from a boat and prevent any malicious attempts from people and their sites. 

Thes  captcha  questions that are asked on the site when you’re trying to login I really basic and simple that every human would be able to answer 

Captcha Typing jobs is basic data entry jobs that will not require people to invest any form of money to earn money at the end of the day, that is users do not require any form of investment before they can start earning money by typing CAPTCHA.

 you can earn between $100 to $500 a month if you were serious about this

 this kind of data entry jobs I mostly do it for stay-at-home mums, people who want a side job or hustle, for students, people in between jobs or basically just people who want an extra income

below are some legit sites where you can earn money by filling in and solving CAPTCHA

2Captcha – Get Paid to Type Captcha   

This site is a legit way to earn money online in your own free time  by solving captchas

Users of this site can earn up to 1 USD per 1000 captcha that are  solved 

Offer instant payment and it is very easy to start

The minimum amount you can withdraw from the website is 1 USD and you can receive your money through webmoney payza,  Bitcoin and perfect money. They will soon add other methods of payment so don’t be worried if you don’t have an account in any of the ones listed.

Sign up to 2Capture  with the link below 


Kolotibablo – Get Paid to Type Captcha 

Kolotiablo is one of the largest websites that allows its users to be able to earn up to 1 USD per 1000 captchas. 

This site Its uses to earn between $100 to $200 per month

 they have a minimum payout rate to be $1 and this money can be withdrawn using PayPal payza or webmoney 

Captchatypers – Get Paid to Type Captcha

This website is also another legit website that allows your uses to earn money by typing CAPTCHA

 just like any other CAPTCHA typing sites users earn money per 1000 words or captcha they type 

a user can earn between 0.8 dollars to 1.5 dollars  1000 captchas

 they have a minimum payout to be $2 

users of the site can easily download the app software and start working immediately

Mega Typers  – Get Paid to Type Captcha

Get Paid to Type CaptchaThis is another Where users can get the chance to earn 0.45 dollars to 1.5 dollars for every thousand words or captcha they type

 this website is available worldwide and users can earn up to about $250 per month

 uses of this website can received your payment or earning

 through web money PayPal payza or Western Union


Captcha typers – Get Paid to Type Captcha

Get Paid to Type CaptchaPlatform that enables its users to earn money in the comfort of their homes just by typing CAPTCHA or simply data entering

 users are required to sign up in order to have access to a worker ID to be able to start earning money on this website they have a minimum payout rate to be between $1 to $5 depending on the payment option you choose 

Users of this website can an a minimum of $200 per month if they take this website seriously 

users can receive their earnings to neteller skrill or payza.

Pro Typers – Get Paid to Type Captcha

Users of this site are able to earn between $0.45 to $1.5 for a 1000 words they type

Users can withdraw their earnings through Paypal, Payza,western union

Captcha2Cash- Get Paid to Type Captcha 

Users of this can earn $1 for each 1000 captchas that is solved

Unlike other captcha solving sites, this site allows its users to download their software to be able to start working.

Users of this site can withdraw their money through web money Paypal and payza

Their minimum payout rates ranges from $0.5 to $1 and this depends on the type of payment system that has been chosen

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