Top 10 Ways to Get Paid to write Short stories

Top 10 Ways to Get Paid to write Short stories

Get Paid to write Short storiesGet Paid to write Short stories by these top best news and magazine websites. You can start to make really good money online if you are very good at writing short stories and Drama

this guide will show you how you can monetize these deals online not everybody is blessed with these kinds of skills, passion and creativity so a person with these kinds of skills should be able to make the most out of it even if they do not work.

There are a couple of Websites out there that are willing to pay talented writers to submit their articles and get paid for that

 this is a very good way any talented writer out there can make good use of their skills as well as monetize their hobbies below are a list of some websites that pay you for every article you submit 

Agni- Get Paid to write Short stories

Agnis popularly known to be a literary magazine which is known to allow independent or freelance writers to submit articles that can be published on their site

these freelancers or independent writers can be from anywhere in the world 

Writers are expected to write articles that are based on the following genres: poetry, essays fiction, interviews, reviews and blogs

a poetry if you can produce an original content that can be appreciated by the websites readers and owners or editors

 you can even submit essays that are well written that can be well appreciated by the websites readers editors or owners

To submit an article freelance writers must click on the submit button on the upper menu of the website 

they have some guidelines that every writer must follow to ensure that the articles are accepted for them to get paid

to submit an article the website only accepts articles from 1st September to 31st May of each year. failure to submit an article on the required period would mean your article would be returned

Except articles or writings from all people of different identities living in different parts of the world but they only accept articles that are written in English or have been translated into English

 they do not limit you on the number of words that must be in an article so all of that depends on the Freelancer

to submit an article freelancers must go on their website all over instructions read their terms and conditions and click on their free online portal  

Freelancers can also submit their articles via mail to their mail address which is cited on their website

Agni Offers different payment options such as being paid $20 for every page about contains poetry and this can even increase to up to $150 

sign up on Agni and start to monetize your hobbies .

Get Paid to write Short stories with Agni

Wow Women on Writing – Get Paid to write Short stories

Get Paid to write Short storiesWow Women on Writing is a website that accepts articles from female writers this is to encourage female workers who genuinely want to take up a career in article writing to earn some money

 wow women on writing except female writers of the Dancers from all over the world and payment is either through PayPal or check

 their aim is to encourage females who are innovative in their line of work as a freelancing

 female freelancers can earn up to $150 for a 300-word article that is written and published

 writers are encouraged not to produce other people’s content or their own content or we edit an old article to submit

 writers are expected to be creative and innovative

 freelance writers can write articles that are either based on fiction, essays, real life stories, thrillers and so many more

 while women are writing always have a contest going on on their website.

 the contest  is to display their various writing gigs that are available for freelance writers to partake in

 try while women on writing today and start earning some good money for your writings and stories

Analogue science fiction and fact – Get Paid to write Short stories

Get Paid to write Short stories analogue science fiction and fact is a website or an online magazine that basically features stories that are based on science imagination and fiction

 it is considered as one of the leading magazines that publish articles that are based on science fiction.

 although they are known mostly for their science fiction articles they also publish articles that hard based on true facts and science

 analogue science fiction and fact would pay their writers 8 to 10 cents per every word that is written or a science fiction article that has approximately 20,000 words

they will also pay  for every word in an article that contains 40000 to 80000 words

 analogue science fiction and fact would also pay writers $1 for each line of poetry that is submitted accepted and published by them

 freelance writers can submit their articles via their online submission system or by mail

 this magazine requires people with a high professional level of writing Get Paid to write Short stories

Linkable – Get Paid to write Short stories

This is a great platform or writers to earn money position in articles worldwide

 Linkable lets writers of all answers to articles that are based on the niche in which they write best in

 writers can simply and as high as $375 per link they build in a every website 

 I expected to apply for jobs so that they will be linked to jobs that are based on their expertise

 once you are hired as a writer you can begin work immediately and the average amount you can earn is $375  and you can even earn up to 1000 dollars by this

 they only accept exceptionally talented of this a very good and understand search engine optimisation and how to build quality backlinks in a website

 they have a very strict or tournament and you must check to find out if you qualify before you apply

 once your application is accepted you can begin to work and start earning immediately

 the only downside to this is that the only accept writers who are native English speakers and writers who have a high-quality work in English

 if you fall under the category stated above then you can earn immediately with this website

 sign up on the link below Get Paid to write Short stories

Cracked – Get Paid to write Short stories

Get Paid to write Short storiesCracked is a website that allows individuals who can write about funny, smart and creative stories for our website to be paid for the work.

They do not require any previous experience in writing or freelancing before a writer or freelancer is accepted; they have really really good pay rates and the incredible website where individuals can get paid for their writing skills.

This website only requires the freelancers to have a strong passion for what they are doing and they also require yeah freelancers to put in more creativity in the works this submit this is the only requirement for biters to be accepted to write and get paid by cracked

Quiet pays their writers of the lances between $100-$200 per article they submit 

They also have amazing bonuses for people who regularly submit articles

Check them out now Get Paid to write Short stories

The Sun – Get Paid to write Short stories

Get Paid to write Short storiesThe Sun is one of the renowned magazine websites out there. They also allow individuals or freelancers for writing to submit articles and get paid

They usually pay between $300-$2000 per personal essays

$300-$2000 for fictional stories and $100-$250 for poetry

This can be a very lucrative job if you start submitting articles to the Sun since they’ve got really good periods

The best thing about writing for the Sun is they do not have any minimum requirement in terms of the length of your article or poetry

To submit an article for the Sun you can send a typed copy of your article to the our mailbox


Strong whispers – Get Paid to write Short stories

Strong whispers is one of the websites out there that would allow freelancers to get people to write articles for them. They allow established writers and freelancers to write guest-post on their site and get paid.

To submit an article for strong whispers a freelance writer must send an article which they think is of best quality to them it really doesn’t matter which topic the article is based on the topics and articles must be very unique.

Once you submit your article they would notify you if they have interest in the topic you have written or if you meet the criteria they are looking for if you meet the criteria they are looking for then you’ll be selected to write for them

They are however very strict on the quality of articles that out submitted and articles of poor quality would automatically be rejected unless it only requires a few changes once your article is approved you will be paid via PayPal immediately the article is published. Get Paid to write Short stories

Clarke’s world magazine – Get Paid to write Short stories

This is a world renowned magazine website that allows writers to write stories based on fantasy and fiction for them. These fantasy and fiction stories I’ve been published in your magazine and writers are paid for with your work

They also allow the writers to write articles that are based on short stories or non-fiction stories as well

They have the word limit between 1000 to 22,000 words.

Riders is a paid $.10 period every word you fight and payment is either bye PayPal or check if people is not available in your country

They however require article submitted to be well written in English language and must have quality style and substance

They also require freelance writers to have articles that are well written with better spacing and typography that would allow your readers to read your articles easily


Articles are submitted via their website so writer is interested in writing for them must submit their articles on the website.

They however have some strict guidelines that writers must follow so if you’re highly interested in writing for class world magazine then you should check them out online and read about their guidelines for an article. Get Paid to write Short stories

What Culture – Get Paid to write Short stories

What culture is also an online magazine that allows individuals to submit articles and get paid via PayPal

Are they expect their writers to be very creative and very keen on accuracy and details in terms of writing articles.

They also expect your writers to be very passionate about the content they are creating and also expect their writers to know what’s trending and what’s not so they can write perfect articles for their readers.

Writers to write for them can write articles based on TV gaming sports films and so many more

However expect each article is to have a least 1500 words

If writers follow the guidelines their articles will be accepted and will be published on the website so that they earn money immediately the article is published

One very important key factor here is that each article that is submitted to the our website must be original

Check them out online and start earning money for your creativity. Get Paid to write Short stories. Get Paid to write Short stories

One story – Get Paid to write Short stories

One story is this site that allows writers to write stories that are based on literary fiction and stories are expected to be between 3000 and 8000 words

They expect the articles that are submitted to keep your readers entertained and wanting more after reading that means they expect writers to write high quality and creative articles to be able to get paid as much as $500 per article that is submitted.

The period of submission for articles on one story is between January 15- May 31 and September 8 to November 14

Writers can submit more than one article

Once you submit an article you should expect to hear from one story if your article is being excepted or not if your article is accepted then you’re going to be paid a cool $500 for one article you submit. Get Paid to write Short stories

BMichelle Pippin – Get Paid to write Short stories

This is the website that would pay annually to ours to share their knowledge with them through articles that are based on business,profit, marketing and income.

They however only accept writers have a good command of the English language

If you haven’t been able to muster how to be successful in your field of business and can help struggling business owners to come out of your struggles and be successful then you can write articles based on your experience and expertise.

These articles would go along way to help other individuals and businesses who are also struggling or face the problem you will once faced with.

Article submitted must however be very creative and original.

Writers can earn between $50-$150 and will be paid via PayPal

Writers are however strongly advised not to send the same articles over and over again. Get Paid to write Short stories

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