Top 5 apps: Get Paid To Do Nothing

Top 5 apps: Get Paid To Do Nothing

get paid to do nothingEarning passive income can be absolutely possible with these top 5 best apps that would make it possible to get paid to do nothing. These apps would enable you to earn passive income for doing absolutely nothing

Yes absolutely nothing!!!!

This is indeed a passive income strategy and its is available worldwide 

All you will require you to do is to download an app

Yes just an app!!! 

  1. Money SMS app – Get paid to do nothing app

The Money SMS app would pay you to just receive sms on your phone

get paid to do nothing

The app is mainly for android phone users and it would allow you to make money by receiving sms on your phone

You don’t have to do any work at all

All you will need is a phone that would receive sms and you would get paid for that

This app is free to use

 it is secure and the app will not read your private messages or use your data or anything else

 users would only be able to read test SMS that are sent to their phones

 this would allow users to earn money just after the install the app and start receiving SMS

 the money users earn from the app is considered a passive income since users are not required to do any work

 users do not need to take surveys they came in or do other stuff most get paid to apps require

 the app is also completely free to download

 the money SMS app also has a very juicy referral program that would enable its users to earn 30% of their referral earnings

 users are required to download and install the app

 users are also required to register after PR has been installed and user I have to keep the up with their internet running to enable them to start making money with the app

 users will receive SMS messages on their phone from time to time and they won’t automatically earn $0.02  for each SMS they receive

 the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is $2

Users can receive their earnings with either PayPal, webmoney, Lite coin, skrill, Bitcoin or ethereum.

 this  means the app can be used worldwide and it is a very legit app

 you may be wondering where all the SMS comes from but they basically came from mobile network operators who simply want to test they are SMS messaging system to foreign countries

 these mobile network operators I want to verify to know if SMS messages sent to foreign countries are delivered or not.

 you can simply look up the up on Google and download it and start making money immediately 

Snore lock screen cash rewards and news

This is an app that to pay you what you do virtually nothing

This app works by replacing your smart phone’s lock screen and displays ads on your lock screen as well as news on your lock screen.

Users of the app can in points which is equivalent to an amount of money which can be withdrawn either by PayPal or gift cards

The app promises 100% safe ads on your lock screen and does not affect your personal information stored on your phone

This is termed as passive income because you do not have to work to earn the money the money keeps accumulating as long as you have the app on your phone with their lock screen app.

The app allows you to read news articles and Know what is trending in the world as well as view relevant advertisement on your phone

This is a very easy way you guys can earn money using your phone and has indeed made making money with your phone very easy.

Check them out on the Google play store – Get paid to do nothing app

This website allows you to fill out a survey to find out if you can participate in the air research.

If that information you give them in the initial stages of the time and you will be allowed to download the app on your phone

By downloading the app on your phone the Apple in the background whilst you use your phone

There however collect data of your device you say that type of device you use, The types of work and the types of services you use with your phone.

 thei users will get paid for participating in this survey and can also earn monthly giveaways for just participating in this survey and this does not affect the amount of money that would be automatically and are using the app

This app or website has a strict privacy policy and users are assured that data is not going to be sold to any other party.

The app will not also drain your battery usage so do not be worried about the reduction of your phones battery life whilst you use their smartapp. – Get paid to do nothing app

This is very similar to the smartapp and allows users to earn money doing nothing.

All the user is required to do is to download their app and install it. Users are required to allow the app to run in the background while they go about their daily activities.

By using this app, users are going to earn money monthly. This can be in the form of cash or gift card, depending on the user’s preference

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MobileXpression have a strict privacy policy so users can be assured that their personal data would not be sold or made available to other parties

Screen Karma – Get paid to do nothing app

This app rewards users to display news articles and advertisements on the lock screen. 

Users earn rewards in the form of cash or gift cards and this mostly depends on the use of preference.

This is a great way of earning without doing any work at all since you only be required to install the app and let the ads run on your lock screen.

You that’s all and more points or money if they view more advertisements or read more news articles that are shown on the screen

This app has a high number of meetings and has a lot of users earning from it

Slidejoy – Get paid to do nothing app

This app would turn your lock screen into a money making the lock screen. This works by turning your lock screen into an advertisement space for you to view ads and read news articles.

The Apple Watch Joe the latest and the trending news articles on your lock screen as well as advertisements that a personalised for you.

Uses of the app would be paid per the number of advertisement the view and the number of news articles they read on the lock screen.

This is indeed a really easy Way of making money without doing any work at all because you only use your phone for your normal daily activities without putting in effort but you will be rewarded for that

You can cash out either buy gift cards or PayPal and so many other ways of cashing out from the app

This app is an award-winning app and has been featured on so many international platforms and have won so many awards and accolades.

Get paid to do nothing app Get paid to do nothing app Get paid to do nothing app Get paid to do nothing app Get paid to do nothing app Get paid to do nothing app

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