5 Best Money Saving Ideas that work

5 Best Money Saving Ideas that work

money saving challenge Money saving ideasMoney saving ideas to adopt Most money saving experts suggest that people must dedicate a certain percentage of their income for themselves in the form of a Salary.

Yes, money experts expect us to pay ourselves anytime we receive an income.

These experts suggest that if we are able to pay ourselves just as we pay for our necessities each time we receive and income, then we would be able to attain that financial freedom we all wish for

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Imagine if we pay ourselves every month just like we pay for our utility bills.

These money experts suggest that this amount of money that we must dedicate to ourselves must be about 10% of our income.

Money saving experts also suggest that this method of dedicating salaries out of our own income must be practised by everyone. This should not be reserved for only the rich in the society.

It is suggested that if that 10% of our self dedicated salary is saved in a different/special financial institution for a prolonged period and that money is also invested for that prolonged period, people practising this would be able to turn in self made millionaires in no time.

This practice of a self dedicated salary must be the first thing that should be done immediately an income is received

To be able to follow this practice a person needs that will more and that money making thoughts to be able to overcome all negativity that this challenge might bring.

However, people who constantly follow this plan strictly will for that making/saving habit and would not be susceptible to any form of negativity.

Always remember to do your checks about financial institutions before making any form of deposits or investments.

Money saving ideas- Be frugal 

money saving challenge Money saving ideasTo be frugal means to be careful with the use of money or food.

Being frugal is one of the best ways to say a ton a money that would have be spent on unnecessary and wasteful items

When you are frugal you will question and investigate how even a penny is spent and you will also make sure you always get the value for your money.

When you are frugal you will not have the “impulse buying” attitude.

This is because impulse buyers do not plan on what they are paying for. They simply stumble upon an item and pay for it.

Most impulse buyers are either very rich or end up in a lot of debt.

As a frugal person you would consider and think of every purchase that is to be made on several occasions before you make a purchase. 

Also, a frugal person would consider if the item to be purchased if really necessary before payment is finally made.

Being frugal would save you a ton of money.

Money saving ideas- Run yourself as a business 

money saving challenge Money saving ideasImagine if a startup up business was running without keeping accounts of what the spend and wash at they earn. That startup would never be able to move from being just a little startup business into a million dollar or more business.

Businesses are able to develop from being just a start up to the next level once the start recording some profits.

Business employ professions just to manage their finances and keep account of their capital, income generated, profits and losses.

 From these accounts and checks business are able to no if they are heading into the right direction or not.

Running yourself as a business does not mean you should employ the services of a personal finance expert. 

It simply means to begin to plan, budget and take account of all income, expenses, savings and debts.

By doing this you will be able to track and be in control of your income and expenses.

You will also be able to manage and control your personal finances.

money saving challenge Money saving ideasIf a person adopts the frugal lifestyle and a minimalist lifestyle and also runs themselves as a business, they would begin to see a lot of improvements in their finances.

Money saving ideas Money saving ideas Money saving ideas Money saving ideas Money saving ideas Money saving ideas Money saving ideas

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