Chipper Cash Review: Top 5 Facts About Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash a review

chipper cashThis article is not associated with Chipper Cash and it’s associates. This is however a personal review of chipper cash.

This review will cover what chipper cash is, what is does, its features, where it can be used and basically what the chipper cash app can do for us.

Chipper Cash is a fin-tech app that makes it easier for its users to send and receive money across different African countries with ease.

Chipper Cash Countries

chipper cashChipper Cash works and it is available in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. The app also alvailable to people living in the United Kingdom. UK. This means people living in any of these countries can send, transfer or receive money from each other in these African Counties. (Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and the UK ) 

the Chipper cash app

The app promises to enable easy cash transfers amongst users from these countries without them having to pay for any money transfer charges.

The app’s platform can boast of being the first platform that enables money transfer services across the African continent.

Although the app is not available in all the African Countries, it is available in the African countries with very vibrant and robust economies. 

Such countries include South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Cheaper cash is 100% free to use and users can literally send money to their contacts as easy as sending text messages.

Features of Chipper Cash

chipper cashThe app makes it possible for its users to send and receive money free of charge instantly.

The app also makes it possible for its users to pay their bills including school fees in a much more convenient way 

The apps makes it possible to buy airtime and even get a 2% cash back afterwards

The app also makes it possible for its users to make online payment with a virtual card that is internally generated by the app. Thus making it easy for its users to own a prepaid virtual card on the go.

The app now makes it possible for its users to buy and sell bitcoins and crypto currencies with ease in a much more secure way.

The app also make it possible for it users to start to invest in bitcoins as well

The app now makes it possible for its users to begin to trade stocks on the app and earn money from the app

Chipper Cash now makes it possible to accept payment in websites  and apps just like platforms or apps like paystack and flutterwave.


How does chipper cash work?

chipper cashTo Register on the app you can simply download the app from the google play store or the app app store and sign up or you can log on to their website and type in your phone number to have the link to the sent directly to your phone

You can download the up on both the google play store and the iOS App Store.

You will them sign up using your email.

You will also need to confirm your email address after signing up.

During the signing up process you can choose your 4 digit password to ensure maximum security.

You will also have to choose a user name during the signing up process 

User are also supposed to upload an official identity card such as passport to prove their identity.

After following all these steps users can begin to use the chipper cash app to receive money, send money and even purchase airtime at a cheaper rate.

Payment is instant so it can be used by individuals and business to pay their supplies (both local and international suppliers within the countries the app operates.

This is actually good news for African business that operate within the African continent.

How to upload money into your chipper cash wallet?

You can easily upload money into your  wallet using either mobile money or bank card.

Benefits of using Chipper Cash

Chipper cash has made it easy to for money transfer to be done within the African continent.

This is a would bring African business together and break the barriers that comes with money transfer across the continent.

By using the chipper cash you get to save time from having to go to the traditional banks just to send money or transfer money at very high charges.

This app saves you the stress the comes with trying to identify the safest, fastest and the most convenient way of sending money to friends, family and even workers.

By using the chipper cash app you are guaranteed to send money at no extra cost

By using the app you can send money as easy as sending a text

You can also use chipper cash to pay your  bills and fees without any stress and any extra charges.

Another good thing chipper cash has to offer is the ability to purchase mobile airtime at cheaper rates than buying airtime the conventional way.

You will also get a 2% cash back if you use the app to purchase mobile airtime.

Another cool feature about cheaper cash is that they have a very generous referral program where users of the app can earn money by simply referring their friends, family and colleagues to download and use the app.

Here, both the of two will earn money.

Reviews: Is Chipper Cash Legit?

Chipper Cash is a legit app or platform that can help its users to send, transfer or receive money across the African continent.

The app was first released onto the google play store on the 7th July 2018 and it has had over a million downloads since its release.

The app has a 4 star rating on the google play store.

The app generally has good or positive reviews.

The negative reviews that were given was based on the period taken for your identity to be verified.

The chipper cash team suggest this takes a maximum of two working days.

Users cannot enjoy the full features of the app without having their accounts verified.

So if really want to use the app I would suggest to upload your ID early enough so you can get the full experience of the app.

Chipper Cash Alternatives

Alternatives to chipper cash include Bitsika, paystack, flutterwave.

Check out a review of Bitsika

Bitsika has a good alternate because it also allows users to send and receive money, trade in bitcoins and generate virtual payment apps as well.


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