Earn More: 5 Best Legits Freelance Platforms

Earn More: Top 10 Freelance Platforms

One of the best ways to make money online by being a Freelancer below are some legit freelancers sites that you can apply to start making money online now


Freelancer.com another platform that enables freelancers worldwide to Showcase and share their Talents and earn money online.Freelancer office a lot of opportunities for people to work online so these opportunities are meant for people with experience in website development software development,  data entry,  Design and architecture translation accounting and so many more if you feel you don’t have any of the special skills such as creating a website or developing an app you can simply just apply to be a data entry and specialist and get jobs to type get jobs to proofread he can get jobs to edit documents to to type in Excel. 


You can easily get started by signing up and selecting from the list of skills and expertise that suits you best. You would be required to upload a professional photo. After going through these steps your account can then be verified.

Has a wide variety of payment methods this makes it easy for anybody in any part of the world to work on freelancer.com they pay through payment options such as webmoney ideal we chat pay Ali pay Union paytm  wire transfer PayPal Skrill  or you can simply just upload the payment information on your bank card.

 after you have chosen your preferred payment option you can then go through the job list the available and trust me guys there are so many jobs available on the site every single day. You can filter the jobs available that would suit your skills and preferences upon finding the job you’re interested in you can then place a bid on the job tell him the employer for that particular job offer what makes you different what makes you the best choice or option to choose.  this makes freelancer.com a very transparent site and gives everybody an opportunity to work

 they are jobs ranging from video editing graphic designing piping data entry work surgeon article writing ghost writing research writing content writing copywriting internet research 3D animation 3D modelling data processing software architecture internet marketing website designing graphic designing computer programming translation email Marketing and so many more

. joining freelancer.com as a good way of making money and it’s very legit 


 this is a very similar website to freelancer.com and upwork that serves as a platform or rather a freelance marketplace for freelancers or online entrepreneur to grow themselves and their business. Anyone can sign up on fiverr no matter which country you are based or from.


Fiverr has got categories such as graphic designing digital marketing writing and translation video and animation music and audio programming and technology business lifestyle architecture gaming and so many more.  each of these categories has got lots of subcategories that would suit your skills you don’t really need any special skills to be on fiverr as a worker to earn money

online you can simply just start writing and translation jobs and these jobs can include article writing resume writing proofreading translation cover letters making of LinkedIn profile writing press releases writing somebody’s website content speech writing creative writing and so many more. 

hey even have jobs for people who would want to create business names and slogans for customers who request these kinds of jobs this makes fiverr.com very open two people of all sorts of Educational background.

There’s even a place for singers songwriters vocalist producers composers to work on fibre we are jobs there are so many jobs on this site you can even make a jingle for a company and get paid. what are you waiting for? Fiverr.com is very accommodating to all sorts of backgrounds and you shouldn’t it’s fine up today and start making money online 

One smart thing you can do on fiverr is influencer marketing. for instance if you have got a lot of followers on your social Media platform you can monetize this by putting yourself out there on fiverr and tell him people that you are willing to promote their services to your followers at the fee on this is a very smart way of making money online so try it now


 fiverr payment methods

 as a worker on fiverr.com you can be paid through various methods some of these methods include apple pay PayPal, payoneer or just simply connecting your credit or debit card to their system.

 connecting your debit or credit card makes it ideal and really global for everyone to be able to work and get paid through fiverr 

Upwork this is a global platform that allows freelancers and professionals to showcase their employable skills and connect to the people who wishes to engage in their servicesses. 


There are millions of freelancers that are registered on their platform and it is never too late for you to join. Freelancers who are into website development mobile and app software development It and networking Data Science and analysis As well as engineering and architectural freelancers

It is also a good platform for people with experience in graphic designing, translation and so on to apply and offer their services and make a good income 

How it works

For a Freelancer at work gives you the opportunity to work within your own free time it gives you the freedom to work on the project which you deem to be ideal at your own free time up work offers a wide variety of high paying jobs which are posted every single day so you will never miss

+ any opportunity of finding an online job on app work there has been so many success stories on at work so join now and start telling your story 

Upwork has a sophisticated algorithm system that highlights and select projects that would fit you this really makes up work really unique up work ensures the workers are visible to employers making it a good platform for you to sign up as a Freelancer by working with at work you’re guaranteed a good price for customers or clients to keep coming back to you to offer the same philosophies we did before

 one trick that can make you stand out from the rest in upwork thereby creating a profile that is unique and outstanding you could make a unique introduction upload your resume or CV we can even

go the extra mile of making a brochure that would highlight your professional skills your experiences your educational background your achievements and Awards as well as your online skills as well another extra mile

you can go to make sure you stand out from the crowd in up work is by uploading your test scores this will indeed make sure people or clients who will hire freelancers on upwork to trust that whoever they are hiring is deserving and is indeed a good professional

 one thing you can also do to make you get hired quickly on upwork is by making a compelling proposal for the client describing what she can do for the work they are asking for and how you’re going to make sure their needs are met with your exceptional skills 

Apple watch guarantees a safe environment for you to send and receive your work out securely they provide a feedback section where you can communicate with your clients to be able to know what your client really wants so as you can tailor make their offer for them

 unlike the other freelancer platforms at work can boast of both the desktop app and a mobile app to make working really convenient for all the answers who work with at work to make money online

 without work you are guaranteed a faster payment system where all works that are done are paid on time

 they have a wide variety of payment methods which can suit you and these include Direct deposit, paypal, wire transfer payoneer


SEOClerks is a platform originally intended for SEO services but was expand and evolve and  changed to accommodate all other freelancers.

SEOClerks has extended beyond SEO offering a Want to Buy and Want to Trade section where users can ask for anything. Their platform is based on group feedback and this makes this website a good place for freelancers to offer their services and make money online.

Freelancers can sign up for free on SEO clerks and choose from a variety of categories which would best suit the services they can offer. 

after you have successfully signed up the website gives you the opportunity to communicate with every buyer so you can know exactly what your buyer wants from you.  bias can post a review or a comment on the order which was offered to them so doing a good job on the site would boost your sales

Payment methods 

 SEO clothes like many other freelancer websites have a wide variety of payment system

 they are cept payment systems such as PayPal stripe Bitcoin, payoneer,  Western Union as well as Credit or debit card payment

People per hour 

People per hour was founded in 2007 has been empowering people all over the world by helping freelancers or professional to attain financial independence. It is a legit site and give everyone a chance no matter where you are located. This site guarantees high pay rates and has over a million freelancers signed up already

How it works 

Freelancers are expected to sign up by completing the application process.

 unlike other finances website every application that is submitted on PeoplePerHour is reviewed before it is approved.  this makes people per hour the best site to join for people who are exceptional at their various freelancing skills.

 after the application has been approved a feeling that would be able to gain access to a wide variety of jobs that would come his or her way

 to make your profile on people per hour standout it is advisable to build a great profile detailing or your career experiences your skills your strength your background and all up-to-date information of your educational background 

People per hour have an artificial intelligence system Which helps too much jobs that are specific to your abilities and capabilities this therefore makes finding jobs as a freelancer on this website very easy

Methods of payments

PeoplePerHour has a vast variety of payment options that would suit every freelancer that is signed up on their site. 

Some of their payment options include Paypal, credit or debit card transfer, skrill, Alipay, qiwi wallet,TrustPay giropay, paysafecard, Union pay and bank transfer

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