5 Best Ways To Started as An Instagram Manager. The Six Figure Pathway

5 way to get Started as An Instagram Manager. The Six Figure Pathway

Instagram managerLearn how to get started as an Instagram manager the right way. Learn all about the instagram management secrets to a 6 Figure Pathway.

With the advent of social media such as instagram many individuals and companies are trying to gain the attention of their future customers with a large number of social media followers.

People are even sponsored to post on their social media platforms and all this would not have been possible without any social media following.

Due to there is a high demand for people to grow their social media followers and this is how you can benefit from it.

This  method would not require you to open or create a website or do any form of business on Instagram

you can do this without any form of investment and it wouldn’t cost you anything to start 

To get started, what you first need to do is to go any search engine of your choice and look the Instagram accounts of newly-established businesses such us restaurants,wanna be celebrity accounts, dentist accounts

Getting Started as An instagram manager

Instagram managerbut you must first look out for these accounts that are based in small towns, places or even villages. 

for example you can search for restaurants in Pontypridd, Wales. 

After finding the restaurant within that community,  you then look up for if the restaurants you find have an online presence with the website if they have a website. Then you can then check to see if they have social media accounts showing in their website. If they have an instagram account then that would be brilliant 

You then go to their instagram account and check the number of followers they have got as well as the total engagements each post in their account is.

If they have just a few followers and just a few engagemnts suchs as likes, views and comments then that would be brilliant as well.

Instagram managerYou can then dm them first by introducing yourself and telling them you are into social media management and that you can help them to grow their account so they can get more engagement (likes comments and views) as well as followers. You can tell them that having a lot of engagements on their post would allow them to reach more customers.

If they agree, then you can ask for their password. After having their password, you can then begin your work.

You can tell them you can do it for 7 days for free. 

Trust is Necessary in this case and just sending a DM asking them for their password might not necessarily work.

In this case they must make sure you can be a trustworthy person. For people to understand you better, you can make a video of yourself so they can see your face and so they can know who you are.

Instagram managerthis would build that trust levels between you and those small companies

 after that you tell them you can offers your services for free for a period of 7 days

if that trust has been built then they would agree to give their password to you to manage their social media account.

Now you can start managing their social media a simple way.

First log into their account then you look out for other social media pages that are trending and have people liking their photos commenting engaging with those accounts 

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You then begin to interact with those people. 

After that you can begin to follow the accounts of the  people you are interacting with. And they could follow you back. 

If you keep doing this the people you are engaging with on Instagram are going to follow you back thus increasing the account for the followers and engagement. 

you can go ahead and keep repeating this step until the number of followers for that account keeps increasing. 

After you have reached the desired number of followers you can then go ahead and unfollow all those people so that account would seem like a very professional account with very little following but a lot of followers.

you can charge them any amount that you feel is deserving. Most  people charge about $500 for this

imagine doing this for five accounts in a month and that’s going to be $2500

you can even upload this kind of service on freelance sites like  fiverr.com and you can repeat the process of looking for potential clients on your own or you can simply combine the two techniques to maximise your earnings

this is a very effective way or strategy of making money online and any one can easily do this because this does not require any special skills or special software 

You can choose the period in which you would want to manage their social media accounts.

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