Minimalist Lifestyle Tips: 5 Realistic Tips To Save

Minimalist Living: 5 Realistic Tips To Save

minimalistEmbracing the minimalists lifestyle can actually help you to save loads of time and save loads of money at the end. Thus being a minimalist comes with a lot of benefits

Most of the time people spend a lot of time thinking of what to wear before they are able to go out.

For some people they can spend at least 10 minutes a day every single morning trying to decide what to wear.

By spending at least 10 minutes every single day only to decide what to wear would be equivalent to spending 60 hours every single year just trying to look and decide on what to wear.

For some people who consider time as a resource which is even worth more than money, spending this amount of hours just to decide what to wear may be considered as a complete waste of time.

If you take a look at the world’s billionaires and other wealthy and influential people in our society, most of them are always seen wearing a very plain colour, as simple T-shirt or just a simple suit.

These people can afford all the designer clothes in the world that they always go for the minimalist look.

Adopting this minimalist look is a step to getting close to that financial freedom state you desire.

This would be possible because you would be spending less on clothes as well as last time looking for clothes to wear.

This type of block me not to be for everybody but below are some reasons that can change your mind on adopting the minimalist look.

This also doesn’t mean people should be wearing the same clothes every day

The first reason for choosing the minimalist look is to save time.

Just as it was stated earlier if a person should be spending 10 minutes every single day trying to decide on what to wear then they could be spending a minimum of about 60 hours every single year just trying to look for what to wear. For most people who are business minded and are occupied with others thoughts are mostly concerning your business and addition of what to wear might totally not be necessary for them.

For such types of people they can be earning and making money every single minute or second and they can easily afford any clothes of your choice but they choose their minimalist look so they can have more time to do other productive stuff.

Time is considered to be the greatest assets above the money; so for a person to be spending so much time just to decide on what clothes to wear might not be a wise decision.

Most personal finance experts do not advise this. This is mainly because they would prefer to spend less time on less productive activities like deciding on what to wear.

What is the minimalist look?

minimalistThe minimalist look is what I would refer to as the simple, casual but official way of dress. 

By choosing the minimalist look, you would totally skip the whole process of thinking of what to wear or if the colours you want to wear match with each other or whether you are wearing what’s trending or not.

For anyone who is conscious about saving time and money, stuff like trending clothes, fashion, and the general indecisiveness about what to wear would be a thing of the past if the minimalist look is practised.

With the minimalist look, you will have to always go for smart looking clothes that are not colourful and can easily do you want to casual and official events.

These types of clothes should not cost you a fortune but you must also buy quality since they would last longer. 

You can also choose to go for neutral colours such as black or grey since they fit almost all occasions and can easily be paired up with other colours.

This method of dressing would not only save you time and money but it would also help you avoid some common fashion mistakes which you might not be aware of.

By choosing the minimalist look people can also choose to avoid branded clothes that have big logos and designs in them.minimalist

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