5 Best Productivity Hacks for Financial Growth

5 Best Productivity Hacks for Financial Growth

productivity hacksThese 5 Productivity hacks are effeminately been proven to be the best steps for personal growth

Previous article we talked about what productivity is,how productivity can affect our work and how to be productive at work by making smart decisions.

This article will however focus on a few steps on how to achieve a productive day

Productivity hacks: The first step to achieving a productive day is by resting.

Been able to have adequate rest forms an essential part of productivity 

We may be busy trying to chase, make and save money but we must take a break at a point to rest.

Our bodies need rest in order to gain back the energy that was spent working.

Most people tend to avoid resting or try to skip resting so they can be productive at their work.

productivity hacksThe truth is that these people would not be productive at their work in any ways.

They would constantly feel tired, weak or sleepy. And they would spend hours doing what might take a few minutes to complete. 

If you aim to be efficient and have more work done you must pause for a break to relax a bit so you can bounce back and put in more work in less time.

To achieve even better results you can set strict daily goals for yourself. This can include a strict bedtime and a strict wake up time routine that must be followed.

Another step to achieve  or Productivity hacks a product day is to exercise 

There are over a million benefits of exercising. But exercising can help to be active. When you are active you can work better and efficiently.

Productivity hacks: Another factor that would slow down productivity is the use of mobile phones.

Imagine if the first thing you do each morning is to check your phone.

You would end up responding to all notifications you have received and then you might end up on the various social media platforms.

productivity hacksMaybe your intention was just to quickly reply to a message or a comment but you would end up doing more than that. 

You may stumble upon an interesting quote, comment, picture or video.

Then you may end up spending more time than you initially planned to. You may even end up going through all your social media platforms. 

By doing this you might have spent about an hour of your morning just on social media without even realising.

This same time could have been spent on something productive.

This is not to say propel must not use their social media, but this is to state how me may lose our productive time doing other stuff that may not be that productive or important.

Productivity hacks:The next step to ensure productivity is have a plan 

People must have a daily plan or a daily target that they must follow strictly.

productivity hacksFor instance if you have an assignment for school and you plan on finishing that assignment today; you must be able to write out how you want to achieve that goal and at what times each goal or target must be achieved.

If this is followed strictly, finishing the assignment could be achieved in no time.


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