Sell Ebooks: 6 Best Ways to Make Money

Sell Ebooks: 6 Best Ways to Make Money

sell ebooksThe thought to sell ebooks  is as profitable as selling traditional books.

Every single year writers sell ebooks and books in general make a lot of money from it.

The good thing about selling e-books is that it is a digital download product and would not require any form of shipping for it to be sold.

With the advent of the various e-book readers such as Kindle, there is a high market for eBooks these days.

By selling digital download products such as e-books you will be able to reach a wide variety of customers worldwide.

As a writer of an e-book you can choose any topic or niche to base your e-book about to sell your ebook

Most people go for books about health and fitness finances novels, politics, spirituality, parenting and so many more 

You may be thinking you do not have any e-book writing skills so this might not work for you. 

You do not need to worry about that because there are some websites that allow users to download ebooks for free so they can resell and keep 100% of the revenue

The ebooks are classified as PLR e books 

You may be wondering what PLR stands for .

PLR stands for private label rights. There are some ebooks that come with their own private label rights. This simply means individuals can have access to these books, edit it, rebrand it and sell it.

sell ebooksWhen you sell  ebooks with primal label rights you can keep a100% of the profit and do not need to give any form of credits to the author of the book.

This in a good opportunity for individuals who would like to make or earn some extra cash 

To sell ebooks is a really good business mostly because ebooks a digital downloads and do not require any form of shipping 

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Also selling e-books is a good business opportunity because if you are able to list your e-book on an e-book selling platform your ebooks can be sold multiple of times and you can keep multiples of money from it.

This also means you only have to put in work in the beginning and you are going to reap the benefits continuously without any type of effort or stress. This is mostly classified as passive income because you put in the work in the beginning and you continuously reap the benefits without any extra work.

Where to find PLR Ebooks  to sell ebooks

PLR ebooks can be downloaded from a couple of the websites 

sell ebooksThe first website you can download iBooks for free and resell is

On this website users can get a free membership and they would have access to hundreds of e-books every single week.

Users can download each of the e-books and resell them without giving the website any form of commission.

They have a wide range of e-books that can be downloaded and resold.

You can take this opportunity to sign up and have access to a wide range of e-books

Another platform Can have access to free PLR ebooks is

Users can sign up onto this website and have access to not only eBooks bad software as well.

The e-books on this site can either be sold or used personally. 

Users can sell the e-books for any amount that they wish and keep all the money they made.

Where to sell Ebooks

Now you may be wondering where you can sell the e-books or who you’re going to sell these e-books to in order to make money.

You don’t need to worry about that problem because that problem has been solved for you.

sell ebooksThere are a number of websites where you can sell your e-books and make money.

As it was stated earlier says e-books I take it out downloads they do not require any stress that will come from shipping so it can easily be paid for and downloaded bye the buyer

Below are a few websites where you can sell your ebooks and other digital downloads

sell ebooks on Payhip

Payhip is a very popular at websites where you book lovers can go on and buy your favourite e-books.

They do not just sell ebooks but they sell at the digital downloads such as Music, software and other forms of digital downloadable files.

sell ebooks on Blurb

This is also another copy of that website where people can sell ebooks 

People who want to sell on this platform are required to sign up and upload the e-book.

One cool feature about this website is that it allows you to upload different formats to suit all types of devices.

sell ebooks on Tradebit 

People can sign up onto this platform and upload their books so we can start making money.

People who signed up onto this platform can recruit your friends and family to be via affiliate and also make a commission from every seal People who signed up onto this platform can recruit your friends and family to be via affiliate and also make a commission from every sale they make.

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This method or strategy to make money is a tried and tested method and has proven to work over the years. Do not be left out of this start downloading free PLR ebooks to make money.

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