5 Very Easy Ways to start a Blog this year

5 Very Easy Ways to start a Blog this year

start a blogLearn to start a blog this year that would make you more than 6 figures yearly


start a blog- Find your niche 

Finding your niche to start a blog

A Niche  can be described as something that relates to Product Services or interest that appeal a certain type or group of people

  finding a niche for your website would basically mean finding a particular topic to focus your website on.  the niche you choose for your website should be chosen with your readers in mind

 Before you choose the niche of your website you should consider what people or your audience or readers  you are targeting would read and if the nation would be suitable for them.

 choosing the right niche for your website counts a lot in how successful your website is going to be 

finding your niche it is basically the most important thing if you want to start a blog that makes money

 this is because people who may come across your website because of the niche you write about would keep coming back because they find value in what you write

 if you write more than one niche in a website I personally do not think your website is going to be successful this is because your readers might get confused they might think you’re blogging about  a particular thing at a point in time then the next thing they might see and read about you blogging about something totally different from what they are looking for.  this is a really bad strategy and can cause you to lose your readers. your active readers might get confused and even basically stop visiting your website. Losing your readers would however reduce the number of visitors on your website and this would then reduce the income your website makes 

  with this reason,  the first thing any blogger should consider is the niche as well as the target audience or readers 

After you are able to pick the particular niche you want to blog about you must first of all go online and see what your competitors are writing about this niche. This  will enable you to publish articles on your website that are very different from what other people are putting out there. Thus been a step ahead of the competition

this way you’ll be able to find out exactly what readers look for when they visit that type of niche website.  you may also be able to identify the shortfalls of your competitors and this would also give you ideas of how you want your blog to look like.

start a blogEvery blogger must make sure they are really passionate about the niche that use to blog about.   any blogger who is not very passionate about the type of niche they choose for their website to blog about may not be able to be successful with their blog because they would not be able to publish articles that people who are interested in that niche can read about and enjoy as well

 to be on the safe side blog on and nice that you are passionate about so you can keep your blog or website growing  this would enable you to earn more readers and at the end of the day money from your ad Revenue

 when choosing a niche for your website you can also find out  the type of meat that is highly sought after

 you can do this but finding out what particular niche is really searched in most search engines such as Google 

By doing this you will be able to create a website based on what people are searching for on the various search engines. 

This would give your website a high chance of being  found and viewed 

 if you use this technique you should consider if you’re interested in this type of me and if you’re passionate enough to spend hours blogging

 if you use this method  you should also consider if that  niece is here to stay or if it’s simply a fad 

If that niche you choose is simply a fad,  then your website might not get active readers since people would generally lose interest in that niche 

You must always consider if the niche you choose would make you money otherwise your blog or website might just be considered as an online catalogue which is never read

 Below are some lists of profitable niche ideas you can choose to start blogging about in 2020 and beyond. start a blog




 video games

 mobile apps reviews

 financial independence

 Personal Finance tips

  weight loss

 fitness goals






parenting skills


 keto recipes or vegan recipes

 other website reviews


 skin care


 interior design




 natural home remedies

 renewable energy

 non renewable energy






 celebrity gossip/news 




 health tips

Find a suitable name for the blog – domain name start a blog

Choosing the right name for your blog can be Can be considered as one of the crucial things that can determine the success of your blog 

Your domain name would act as an address for people to find your blog your website 

 it can somehow be difficult in choosing the right name for your blog and one made make sure a catchy word or phrase is chosen in order for your readers to easily remember 

This means the name you choose should not be too difficult for your readers to mention or even remember

start a blogThe name you choose should also be able to tell readers the type of niche you blog about, for instance, your must not choose a name that would describe pets but yet blog about makeup

Below are some steps you should follow in choosing the right domain name

Your domain name must contain a keyword that describes your blog or website

Like i said earlier, do NOT choose a name that would describe pets but yet blog about makeup

If The name you choose includes a keyword about the niche you blog about, then your site would easily be found by search engines.  this would make this would make users to easily find your website. This way you would be able to draw more organic visitors to your website or blog

Keeping your domain name short and easy to pronounce and remember is also very crucial

keeping your domain name short would make your readers to easily remember your domain name . 

your readers can easily refer their friends or colleagues who are maybe interested in the niche you blog about. Thus giving you more organic visitors to your website

A short, easy to pronounce, spell and even remember makes your blog sound and look professional 

This may increase your website or blog’s chance of forming partnerships with other big brands. This would help any blog or website owner to to able to earn much more money.

Your domain name must also be one that can easily be brandable.

Creating a blog or a website is similar to creating a brand. The mane you choose should not contain any offensive or derogatory words. Ads networks would not even work with you if the domain name you choose is considered offensive. This would prevent your blog from being monetized with ads. And you would not be able to earn any income. You blog would simply be an online catalogue with an offensive domain name 

The domain name you choose should also be different and unique.

If you choose a domain name that is unique and different would also be your site or blog to be easily found and not mistaken for another site or blog

If this happens readers, brands and possible partners would not have a positive impression about your website as they would think your site is a copycat blog or website.

Your readers can even confuse your website with others. You might even lose your readers 

Find and choose a web hosting service start a blog

Below is a list of popular web hosting services to choose (2020)

blue host

Dream host


choose a blogging platform start a blog

Choose a blogging Platform – wordpress, wix or blogger.com 

There are quite a number of blogging platforms out there

start a blogThe most commonly used platform now is WordPress but there are other equally goods that would aid you to create you blog yourself without any coding skills

Some of the equally great website builders are as follows (WordPress alternatives)




Site 123




Monetization – Choose the right ad network – start a blog

Monetization of a website is one of the best ways bloggers can earn money

There are several ads networks out there and a new blogger must choose which ever he/she is comfortable with 

Below is a description of some ad network that any new blogger can choose from 

Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is consider as the most popular and the most commonly used ads network. It is generally the most preferred since is is beginner friendly. Users of Adsense earn money or are able to monetise their website or blog by placing the Adsense code in their blog or website

 Some ads network would require a blow to receive a certain number of visitors before that blog is considered but this is not the case for google Adsense. 

This makes preferred by beginners but some people complain they do not earn more money with this network so they begin to look else where for alternatives 

Propeller Ads

Some people consider Properller Ads to be a Google Adsense alternative that new bloggers can choose to monetise their site 


Ads network -adsense, media . net, chitika

Joining affiliate networks shareasale, amazon, commission junction

Joining an affiliate networks and displaying your affiliate links in your website is another good way to monetize your website.

You can direct your readers to your affiliate links. This way you can earn commissions when your readers click on your affiliate or referral link and makes a purchase or completes the required action

The most popular affiliate networks out there are:



Commision junction

Selling your blog space

This is also a another way to monetize your website

start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog start a blog

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