5 Best Online Research Gigs

5 Best Online Research Gigs

online research gigsIt is possible these days people can earn a good amount of money by researching for other people.

By researching, you will look for the best possible solution for a problem that your clients request from you.

You can make a good income from this type of job and it can either turn into a site income or a full-time income if you are serious about it.

Online research gigs can serve as one of the stress free ways and flexible ways to earn a living or to earn income.

It has been proven to work since people are constantly searching for answers and they are willing to pay people to find the best solution or the best answers for the question.

As an online researcher you will have the advantage of working in your free time and not having other commitments affecting your work.

There are several companies out there who put both people who are looking for answers and people willing to answer those questions for them together.

This makes it even easier for people who are looking into this kind of job.

For some companies you are not required to have any high level of education before you can start your online research career while other companies require their research to have a good educational background.

For this kind of service you can expect to be paid a minimum of $50 per hour or a maximum of $80 per hour.

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Before you get started offering this kind of service you must ensure you have your payment gateways or platforms set up already.

The popular payment gateways used by a lot of people is PayPal but unfortunately PayPal is not available in all countries. The next big alternatives you might need to consider when it comes to online payment platforms or gateways are a Payoneer, Skrill, Paxum and many more.

Read more about PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum and Skrill.

Read about their advantages, differences and similarities.

After setting up your payment platform then you are really ready to get to business.

Below are a few recognised platforms that put people who want to earn money by researching and people who are looking for answers together.

Online Research Gigs: Ask Wonder

online research gigsThe first name that comes into mind in the get paid to research circle is ask wonder.

Ask Wonder is one of the famous and recognised platforms that would enable you to start making a good amount of money by researching and answering questions for people.

Ask one that provides the platform so you can have a stress free way of earning money by researching online.

They are partners with most of the big companies in the world such as KPMG Bloomberg and so on.

By working for Ask Wonder you will be assured of working or researching for the big brands in the world.

To become a researcher on task one that you will have to log onto their website and click on the become a researcher button.

From then you can sign up and start working immediately.

Working for Fast wonder is indeed one of the best ways to improve your resume or CV.

Online Research Gigs: Rws.com

online research gigsThe next platform you can sign up on to begin our research in Career is RSW.

On this platform we have members from different geographical backgrounds working or researching for their clients.

This is also one of the Legit platforms and they have paid more than $9 million to their members.

You can begin your career as an online researcher by signing up onto their website and begin to research for their clients.

Online Research Gigs: 10eqs 

On this platform, you can sign up and begin to result for big brands in the world.

Your research skill will help to solve problems for big brands and for individuals as well.

Online Research Gigs: Hobby Jam

This is also another big name in the get paid to research niche.

On the Hobby Jam platform, their users can earn a minimum of 20 cents per task or question they answer.

They pay their researchers monthly and payment is via PayPal.

Online Research Gigs: UpWork

online research gigsUpWork is one of the biggest platforms freelancers can work and earn a good amount of money.

Researchers can sign up and enlist their service as a researcher and get paid to research.

Online Research Gigs: People per hour

People per hour is another freelancer website where you can enlist your service as a researcher and begin to get paid to answer questions and research for people.

Online Research Gigs: Academia research 

Academia research is also one of the big names in the get paid to research industry.

You can sign up with academia and begin your career as an online researcher.

Online Research Gigs: Conclusion 

Starting a job as an online researcher can be a very lucrative way to work and earn money. 

This type of work can be done from anywhere and that makes it really convenient.

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