5 Bad Habits to Give Up to Be Successful

Toxic Habits to give up to be successful 

Habits to give up to be successfulIn our world today there are so many Habits to give up to be successful. These habits can hinder our financial growth. This means these prevent us from being rich. 

The toxic Habits to give up to be successful prevent people from generally reaching their financial independence and their financial goals.

In order to break free from these toxic habits that do not  make us achieve our financial goals, we must first identify these habits and accept they are toxic to our finances.

This article will describe some of the worst toxic Habits to give up to be successful or the toxic habits to give up in order to be financially independent.

Habits to give up to be successful- Excessive spending

Habits to give up to be successfulThe one main Habits to give up to be successful is excessive spending or better still spending frivolously.

Spending money in general is not a bad or toxic habit, spending frivolously or excessively is however considered as a toxic money habit that anyone should give up.

Anyone who wishes to properly manage their finances would generally plan on how to properly spend their income.

People generally spend their income on their needs, wants, investments and savings.

Your needs are basically the necessities of life you cannot do away with.

These include, food, accommodation, means of transportation, healthcare, debt payment and many more.

Your wants are simply the items we spend our income on that we can totally do away without.

These include the money we spend on travel, entertainment, fancy clothes, fancy cars and many more.

Habits to give up to be successful- Not investing

Habits to give up to be successfulIn properly managing our finances we must always set aside money for investments and savings. Not investing is a toxic Habits to give up to be successful

Read more on how to properly manage your finances.

We may also at a point in our lives spend money on charity, education and others profitable ventures.

Habits to give up to be successful- Bad Lifestyle choice 

A person’s money spending habit becomes toxic when he or she begins the lifestyle of spending frivolously or excessively.

In this type of scenario that person may be spending more than half of their income on their wants and may have little or close to nothing left to spend on their needs, saving, debt payment or even investments.

A typical example of a toxic money habit that we must give up now is impulse buying.

This can lead to high debt which that person may not be able to afford to pay back.

To be able to successfully give up this toxic habit of spending frivolously, we mush learn how we can properly manage the income we receive. No matter how big or small it is.

People with this toxic habit of excessive spending may generally lack the knowledge or idea of how to spend and manage their finances.

For some people who are lucky to make or earn a large amount of income, they mostly enjoy finding other means to expand their finances while other people do not.

Such people continue to grow their wealth mainly because the constantly try to find profitable avenues to grow their money.

As stated earlier, people with the toxic habit of spending excessively must be able to accept the dangers their habit can lead them to.

Once they accept that that habit is toxic for their financial growth and independence, they will be able to give up such habits.

Habits to give up to be successful- not tracking your spending

Habits to give up to be successfulThe next toxic habit you must give up to be successful on is to begin to track how you spend money.

Financial experts usually suggest that in order to properly manage our finances to be financially independent we must run ourselves like a business.

Have you ever come across a very successful business that does not keep account on how much they spend and how much they earn? 

Businesses spend a fortune paying for accountants, asset managers and even financial advisors to help them plan and budget on how they spend their income.

This same principle can be applied to our daily lives.

This however does not mean we must hire accountants, asset managers and financial advisors to help us to properly plan and manage our spending.

We can do this on our own by simple keeping track of how much we earn and how much we spend.

In doing so we can put this in writing we will be able to determine what and where exact our money goes.

The toxic habit of not keeping track of our spending would mean we may be faced with several situations where we would not be able to account for how we spent our money and what exactly we spent our money on.

If we give up this toxic money spending habit and begin to track and monitor our spending we may be able to control and tweak our monthly expenditure so we may make a lot more of just enough to solve for other financial commitments.

In today’s day and age, we can simply download apps that can simply help use tract and monitor our spending.

We can even keep track of our spending by simply writing it down or by typing it in the notes app on our phones.

Habits to give up to be successful- Giving Up

The next toxic habit we must give up is to avoid giving up when life hits us hard.

This happens to everyone.

Sometimes you may identify a business or financial opportunity but may we easily give up when we are faced with dome challenges.

We must understand that challenges are a part of our lives and if we are able to overcome such challenges we will have the power to achieve even more greater heights that we may have originally anticipated.


The worst thing we can do is to give up when we are faced with challenges.

We must be able to persevere and overcome challenges rather than to give up.

We must overcome the toxic habit of giving up because almost every successful entrepreneur out there has been faced or is even currently being faced with some challenges.

Habits to give up to be successful

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