3 Easy She Ways to Grow your Business on Instagram: A Case Study

3 Easy She Ways to Grow your Business on Instagram: A Case Study

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How to grow your business on instagram and drive more sales/ Grow your Business using instagram. 

How do i grow my Business on Instagram/ how to grow your business on instagram

For most people instagram is merely just a tool to connect with their friends, relatives and others stuff they consider to be interesting.

Grow your business on instagram

This was however not the case for Aba. She had completed her degree and her national service and she had been applying for jobs all over the country but she never got any positive results.

She had been to so many job interviews but none of them had been successful.

According to Aba, she had lost all hopes of finding a job since she had been through so many job interviews and was never successful.

She came to a point in her life where she went to employment agencies for help but it later turned out most of these employment agencies or job agencies were scammers.

These employment agencies were making money of people who desperately needed a job. They always asked for either a registration fee or a membership fee before you could join them.

These employment agencies also promised to be able to find jobs for people immediately they paid their membership and or registration fees.

Aba, like many other youth in Ghana fell for this trap and she paid to be a member in several employment agencies and all of them were only offering cleaning jobs and household help jobs.

But these agencies never told her these were the types of jobs they had available. They only told her after a few days after she had paid for a membership.


Aba had to think of a better strategy to survive.

One day she chanced upon a video of someone making a wig on YouTube and she first thought I was cool and she could totally make a wig herself after watching the video.

Grow your business on instagramShe tried after some few days and it turned out to be great. She got a lot of good recommendations from her friends after she made a video of her wearing that wig on instagram. How to grow your business on instagram?

A few friends asked if she could make some wigs for them and she was able to do that although she did not charge any fees for making those wigs for her friends.

The wigs she made for her friend got a lot of good reviews after they pistes it on instagram and tagged her to the post.

She then decided to make a business out of the skill she had acquired by simply watch a YouTube video into a real business. How to grow your business on instagram 

She changes her instagram handle to a name that matched the business she was trying to put out. How to grow your business on instagram?

After that she kept posting photos and videos of her hand made wigs and she gradually began to get more paying customers.

She was gradually able to get more followers and most of them were paying customers.

She later began to sell quality her extensions as well and she got all her sales or customers from instagram.

Now her business is one of the fastest growing business in Ghana.

As a graduate from one of the most prestigious universities in Ghana (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology), Aba was expecting to land a cooperate job after she graduates but this was never possible.

When she was asked if she ever thought of being a professional wig maker when you was growing up she said that never crossed her mind. And she would have rubbished that idea if anyone had ever suggested that to her.

Today she is very proud of her success story.

Her wig making business has been in existence for 7 years now and she can boast of owning a physical shop as well although she is yet to consider an online store.

Aba has also been able to train over a hundred women on how to make and style quality wigs.

Way forward: How to grow your business on instagram

Aba is seeking to expand her hair extensions shop and open other branches in different cities in Ghana.

Grow your business on instagramAba seeks to also attract more customers on social media particularly on Instagram. She seeks to do more of this by showcasing her works and products on instagram and other social media platforms.

The secret of this startup company is that she choose to give out free product to some social media influencers and some celebrities.

She posted photos and videos of these influencers and celebrities wearing her hair extension products and this caused the followers of that social media influencer’s followers to follow her page and get paying customers from out of that.

She seeks to continue with this type of marketing as she believes is one of the main reasons her business has seen much more success.

Lessons: How to grow your business on instagram

Sometimes we feel we have life figured and and we hope for things to go on as we have planned. Unfortunately this is always not so. We must learn to find better strategies out of every negative situation we may be faced with.

Entrepreneurs must be able to identify various solutions on how to make their startups thrive. A good example of this is how our Star feature used instagram to drive more sales. How to grow your business on instagram?

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How to grow your business on instagram How to grow your business on instagram How to grow your business on instagram How to grow your business on instagram

Grow your business on instagramGrow your business on instagramGrow your business on instagram

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